Rory Hetherington

Rory Hetherington


PhD Project Title: Aerodynamic action on inclined stranded cables in cable-stayed bridges


I graduated from Newcastle University with an MMath degree, focusing in my final year on topics in physics and applied mathematics. My first introduction to fluid dynamics was in the third year of my degree when I studied the aerodynamics of flight. I then gained further exposure to fluids during a module on instabilities and turbulence. Before joining the CDT I was working in Newcastle as a data analyst in the Oil and Gas industry.

Research Interests

I am keeping an open mind to which specific area I would like to further research and I am excited to work in the lab and improve my computational modelling skills. I am looking forward to gaining a broad understanding within fluid dynamics and would be interested to investigate how turbulence is modelled in fundamental problems and how this can be applied to engineering and environmental flows. 

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

The CDT provides the opportunity to develop theoretical, computation and experimental techniques on a diverse range of problems. Topics vary from everyday experiences of fluids, such as ink-jet printing, to dynamics of the oceans and flows in the Earth's core.  With strong partner links to other universities and industry, the CDT is a perfect stepping-stone to a career in both academia and industry.