Hannah Kreczak

Hannah Kreczak

I am studying for an interdisciplinary MSc/PhD in the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Fluid Dynamics: 2014-2018

E: mm10hek@leeds.ac.uk

PhD Project Title: Rates of Chaotic Mixing in Models of Fluid Devices 


I spent the first four years of my academic study at the University of Leeds studying an Integrated Masters in Mathematics. During my studies I developed an interest in applied mathematics, taking modules in subjects ranging from Special Relativity and Cosmology, to Fluid Dynamics and Quantum Mechanics. During my first year of study on the Fluid Dynamics CDT I had the opportunity to undertake an MSc project looking at the dynamics of downdraughts in the atmosphere with an accompanying placement at the Met Office. This was my first experience using large scale experiments to investigate and validate mathematical theory and computational fluid models.

Research Interests

My research interests in application of fluid mechanics are quite broad, but in the past my interest lay in the fundamental mathematics behind fluid dynamics and how solutions to problems can be solved analytically. I am keen to extend my knowledge in using algorithms to compute numerical approximations and using small scale models to validate results. During the final year of my under graduate degree I completed a project in dynamical systems, looking at the classification of two dimensional discrete time systems as chaotic or non-chaotic. I have chosen to continue research in this area, looking at chaotic mixing in simplified one and two dimensional models. Although abstract in comparison to real life mixing protocols, understanding the underlying dynamics and resulting mixing properties in the presence of diffusion will help lead to a set of design criteria for efficient mixing devices.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

I was recommended the CDT by my previous supervisor and chose to apply due to the range in projects that would be offered and the multi-disciplinary approach amongst the cohort and taught modules. I am unsure as to a career path at this moment in time, but feel that the CDT offers excellent experience in applications of research in both academia and industry, and believe that the professional skills that I am developing will be transferable to many a career.