Daniel Ward

Daniel Ward

Email Address: scdrw@leeds.ac.uk


I spent three years undertaking my BSc in Mathematics at the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands.  For my bachelor thesis I worked under a PhD student, augmenting his research, to attempt to assess and validate a number of turbulence models for Large Eddy Simulation.  I did this by classifying and using relatively simplistic exact solutions to the Navier Stokes equations to satisfy conditions on the models.

Research Interests

I plan to utilise my time during the MSc part of the programme here at Leeds to discover where my research interests within the field of fluid dynamics lie.  Having the opportunity to meet with multiple possible supervisors and industry partners during this time will be very helpful, aiding me in this process.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

I chose to do a combined MSc and PhD at the CDT in Leeds for a number of reasons.  The interdisciplinary approach, having come from a very theoretical degree, means I will be in constant collaboration with other students from varying backgrounds and will help me to develop my understanding of physical problems.  The fact that there is also time included during the MSc to explore my area of interest before choosing my PhD project made picking the CDT at Leeds an easy choice.