Craig Duguid

Craig Duguid

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Project Title: Tidal flows in the convective regions of rotating stars.

Supervisors: Profs Adrian Barker, Chris Jones, Sven van Loo


I graduated from The Robert Gordon University in Scotland with a BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and an MSc in Information Systems. My Masters degree project gave me the confidence and experience in research to want to pursue a PhD. With that in mind I then went on to complete a BA in Mathematics with the Open University.

Research Interests

I came to the CDT with interests mainly in astrophysical and geophysical fluid dynamics but wanted to keep an open mind to what other opportunities would be available.

I have now selected my project and have committed to the astrophysical route which I was most passionate about. In this area my current interests lie in tidal forces in stars and gas giants. I will be exploring the oscillatory shears in convective regions for low orbital period stellar objects caused by tidal forces. In particular I would like to look at how the effective viscosity created by a periodic shear scales with oscillation period.

Further to this I have interests in stellar dynamos, hot Jupiters, stars, waves, exoplanet habitability, spectral methods among other areas of mathematics and astrophysics.

Why I chose the CDT in Fluid Dynamics

Coming from a distance learning environment I feel that the MSc component of the CDT would facilitate my transition back into attending a university. Further to this one of my biggest weaknesses is networking, and science cannot really be done alone these days, so the cohort approach is hugely important to me.

As for the university itself, I feel that Leeds being one of only 3 CDTs in the country for fluid dynamics puts it at the forefront of fluid dynamics research. On top of this the university has many potential PhD supervisors that share my research interests.

For these reasons the CDT at Leeds was my 1st choice for where to do a PhD.