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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Fluid Dynamics

Mixing and dispersion in surfactant systems

Lead Academic Supervisor

Andrew Bayly (School of Chemical and Process Engineering)

Lead Industrial Supervisor

Sam Tantawy, Proctor and Gamble


Xiaojun Lai (School of Chemical and Process Engineering) and Peter Jimack (School of Computing)


Reacting Flows, Mixing and SafetyParticulate Flows, Sediments and Rheology


In the manufacture of complex formulated liquid products the incorporation and mixing  of surfactants and polymers can lead to significant challenges. This is due to the complex nature of the phase change that the surfactant or polymer undergoes and the transient material properties of the dissolving material. The material are often soft solids with a non-newtonian rheology which is changing as the material ‘dissolves’ .  This project will investigate the incorporation of surfactants into aqueous systems using a model system with the aim of developing: i) a detailed mechanistic understanding of the phenomena; ii) quantitative experimental  techniques that capture the dynamics of phase change and degree of dispersion; iii) an integrated modelling and experimental methodology which will allow prediction of behaviour in industrial systems.